October 2019 End of SUSDEV project. Beginning of “life after life”

September 2019 Submission of final versions of RCE applications for RU and KZ

September 2019 Final conference in Almaty

September 2019 Final meeting of EPP CBHE ECOIMPACT project in Helsinki. Dissemination of SUSDEV results, the concept of “SUSIMPACT” Network

September 2019 Conference in Nursultan on green metric: presentation on SUSDEV

September 2019 National conference on Polish environmental studies in Lodz. Presentation on green skills and SUSDEV results, invitation for Polish universities to cooperate with RU and KZ SUSDEV partners

May 2019 Dissemination conference in Moscow

April 2019 Submission of RCE applications for RU and KZ

March 2019 Partnership meeting in Krakow

March 2019 Monitoring in Almaty

February 2019 Training visit of Land Management SAG to KTH Stockholm

February 2019 Meeting of Food SAG in Moscow

January 2019 Web meeting of Food SAG

December 2018 Local SUSDEV meeting in Taraz, focus group with KZ stakeholders

November 2018 Meeting of Ecology SAG in Saratov

November 2018 Monitoring in Omsk

November 2018 Meeting of Land Management SAG in Tula

November 2018 Ad hoc meeting in Vienna

October 2018 Exhibition of results of Erasmus projects in Astana, KZ

June 2018 Partnership meeting in Coimbra: training sessions, focus group on stakeholders involvement, decisions on course modules for subject areas

June 2018 5th International Summer School “Forest sector in the Green Economy”, Shchuchinsk campus of KATU

May 2018 Submission of mid-term Technical Report

May 2018 Cluster meeting of Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects in Kazakhstan

April 2018 Job fair in Taraz

March 2018 Ad hoc meeting in Vienna (physical&virtual)

December 2017 Meeting of Food SAG in Moscow

December 2017 Ad-hoc partnership meeting in Moscow

December 2017 International Conference „Ecological Policy of Russia: Vectors of Sustainable Development”, Moscow; presentation on SUSDEV

October 2017 Partnership meeting in Almaty, monitoring by KZ National Erasmus Office

June 2017 Steering Committee Virtual Meeting

May 2017 Partnership agreements signed

April 2017 Partnership meeting in Dublin

April 2017 Monitoring in Saratov

April 2017 Presentation of the project in Le Havre (EURASHE conference)

March 2017 Skype meeting of Food SAG

February 2017 Choice of logo

January 2017 Kick-off meeting in Moscow

December 2016 Contract signed

November 2016 Beginning of SUSDEV project

August 2016 Project approved

February 2016 Submission of the project

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